MARCH 2020 // 51st Newsletter

Coronavirus. 6 reasons to be optimistic.

At OMONIA TRANS, as well as in every business and every household, it is by now certain that all of us are well aware of the precaution measures from the coronavirus. However, we would like to put into words our optimism and faith for the day after. Because yes, there will be a day after the coronavirus, and we believe it is going to be a better one.

So here are 6 reasons that make us optimistic.
  1. We know what it is.
    Unlike other viruses of the past (with HIV for example, humanity was in the dark for 2 years), we know what the virus is.
  2. We know it can be contained.
    Yes, the measures are draconian, but they work. In Wuhan, China (a city of 10,000,000 people) they are already looking into the next day, coronavirus-free.
  3. There are tests for coronavirus.
    Almost from day one, reliable tests were created. With massive production now being imminent, we are even more optimistic.
  4. If we are careful, it is not so easily spread.
    Regular hand washing, antiseptic use, disinfecting our home and office spaces and social distancing are all measures that help.
  5. Symptoms are mild in most cases.
    According to a study of more than 50,000 confirmed infections, 80% of cases were mild ones.
    Fortunately, children are NOT at risk.
  6. The vaccine is not far away.
    Certainly not this month or the next. However with humanity’s brightest minds tuned in, it is very likely that within 18 months (and even this year) a vaccine will be available.
OMONIA TRANS. By being responsible, we are driving coronavirus away.

By being responsible, we are driving coronavirus away.

We would like to inform all our partners that OMONIA TRANS is continuing its transport operations, wherever this is of course permitted, and taking all necessary precautions.

From the very first days of the pandemic we have implemented teleworking and telecommuting systems as well as working in shifts. As for our HEROES, our warehouse people and our drivers, they are provided with masks and gloves and follow a daily routine of cleaning with special disinfectants.

We continue together and give strength to each other. We draw optimism from the coming month of April, the longer days of spring and we subscribe to the optimistic scenario for a coronavirus-free summer.

We wish patience, strength and courage to all!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.