MAY 2020 // 53rd Newsletter

Certified OMONIA TRANS with certified forklift operators!

Certified OMONIA TRANS with certified forklift operators!

OMONIA TRANS means technology and compliance with the strictest standards . Not only on the road, but also in our warehouse. A series of specifications and functions, culminating in the training and certification of our forklift operators, ensures that everything in our warehouse is done on time and with absolute safety .

Which features do the modern OMONIA TRANS warehouses have?
  • New technology equipment , manufactured according to the strictest international standards.
  • Very fast loading and unloading capability .
  • Direct distribution.
  • Integrated alarm systems with state-of-the-art cameras.
  • Fire detection and active fire protection .
  • Uninterrupted operation during public holidays ( tested with absolute success during the pandemic).
In this context, the operators of our forklifts play the most neuralgic role. However, in OMONIA TRANS we don’t “just hand over” the steering wheel to someone, as handling a forklift is not simple at all (even if it seems so). There is only one motto in our warehouse: Safety First .

For this reason, we always train, in theory and practice, our forklift drivers. Thus, we achieve greater and safer handling of volume of orders, even in peak conditions. Certified OMONIA TRANS with certified forklift operators!
E-commerce. With an increase of up to 171%, its limits are tested.

E-commerce. With an increase of up to 171%, its limits are tested.

E-commerce has grown in parallel with the Internet. At first, there were a few small steps, then bigger ones, while in recent years it has become a huge part of a consumer’s life. And in fact, for many consumers, during the lockdown period due to COVID-19, e-commerce is the only part.

So how did e-commerce react and respond during quarantine? First of all, the numbers show an unprecedented increase . According to data from the Greek Association of Electronic Commerce (GR.EC.A.) collected from 6,567 e-shops , consumer spending on products in online stores by Greeks in April increased by up to 171% .

However, along with the increase in turnover , the limits of e-commerce are , as expected, also being tested . Coping with such high demand requires a leap from the e-commerce operators, far above the endurance of today’s models.

Giants of the market, created and operating for more than 20 years only in the e-commerce ecosystem, such as Amazon, face difficulties and delays in delivery times (despite the hiring of 175,000 additional Amazon employees for this very purpose).

It is clear that e-commerce has gaps and shortcomings, just like physical commerce and that it also depends on the number of people available to manage and execute each stage of the supply chain. The bottom line is that, despite the advancement of technology, humans will never cease to be necessary!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.