JUNE 2020 // 54th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. We are back and stronger!

Gradually, and always adhering to safety measures and rules, normalcy in Greece and most foreign countries is returning. So in the post-Covid period and as road transport is restored, OMONIA TRANS returns to the lines it serves and it does so even stronger! Let’s have look at two of our most important lines.

Bulgaria - Romania line
Our company, always by the side of its customers and listening to their needs, has created a new operations network in the two neighboring Balkan countries. As Bulgaria in particular is connected to major European transport routes, the foresight of OMONIA TRANS helps its customers reduce estimated transport time.

We support the Bulgarian line with weekly departures (and sometimes even more frequently) while offering flexibility and immediacy of collection from different Bulgarian and Romanian postal codes.

Of course, our Balkan network offers absolute reliability and guarantee regarding your transportation, as we possess our own, Greek fleet. Thus, we provide constant monitoring and updates for the transport of your goods, always coupled with the unique service and the unbeatable prices of OMONIA TRANS!

Czech line
In the heart of Europe and next to the most traditional line of OMONIA TRANS on the continent, that of Germany, there is Czechia. It is a country that has a “success story”, as according to the world renowned Management Development Institute (IMD), Czechia is now ranked as the most competitive economy in Central and Eastern Europe.

In this truly promising line, OMONIA TRANS once again makes a difference. It offers its customers full coverage of the country with routes to and from Czechia, weekly departures and a very strong network of partners.

e-CMR. Technology in the service of safety!

The safety of its own people has always been a top priority for any company. But especially nowadays and with the pandemic of Covid-19 being a risk that has not yet been definitively addressed, safety, and especially in the field of road transport is more important than ever.

The necessary documents accompanying each shipment can be a source of contamination despite repeated disinfection of premises and compliance with other safety rules. That’s why e-CMR, the digital waybill, is here to give a definitive solution to the problem.

e-CMR, first used just three years ago, in January 2017, between Spain and France, has additional benefits in addition to security. As shippers and carriers import and exchange electronic data and information using a mobile phone or tablet, a number of important benefits arise. These include:
  • Impressive reduction of operating costs
  • Speeding up of process 
  • Reduction of management errors
  • End of CMR forms falsification
  • Environmental protection through elimination of paper use.

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.