JULY 2020 // 55th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS.  A Corporate Social Responsibility step.

For more than 40 years, the OMONIA TRANS name has signifiedexcellent transport and logistics services that meet the needs and desires of every customer and partner. But it also signifies something else: giving to fellow human beings, society and especially vulnerable social groups through a wide range of social responsibility actions.

In this context, we are pleased to announce that this summer we have become “godparents”! OMONIA TRANS has donated 23 new pairs of children’s shoes for the children of the Exemplary National Nursery which operates in Kallithea, Athens.

The Nursery, with a history of over 100 years, has as its main purpose the hospitality and care for children who face serious problems in their family environment. Today, it hosts 23 children, aged 2 to 5 years, giving them shelter and taking care of their reintegration into society.

We are confident that the Nursery will do a wonderful job of helping children take their first steps in society. We, for our part, are happy to give them the opportunity to take steps in their new shoes.

Wear them well kids!


Supply chain. A “difficult” summer.

Supply chain. A “difficult” summer.

The response and flexibility shown by the Transport and Logistics industry both during the peak of the pandemic and after the end of the lockdown was exemplary. The reflexes in warehouses and distribution centers were superb, including disinfection, personalized tools, extended use of e-CMR and much more.

But the truth is that we are still far from normal, whatever that may be. The proof for this is the summer of this very special year which turns out to be notoriously difficult for both the Greek tourism and the supply chain.

Although the tourist season is quite limited, the market needs for continuous and uninterrupted supply continue to be high. In combination with the restrictions on truck routes due to bans on highways, but also the restrictions on ferries in order to boost tourism, transport and logistics companies will need to “sweat” much more this summer.

But, as always, they will succeed!

Going on holiday? Don’t forget the mask!

The moment we have been waiting for, has arrived. After a year that has felt rather like a whole decade with what has happened during it, August, and for most of us, holidays are finally just around the corner. This is the greatest opportunity for rest, introspection and charging of our batteries.

OMONIA TRANS wishes to all its partners and customers a good, and above all, safe vacation. Yes to the snorkeling mask, but also yes to the protection mask. Don’t forget it!

Finally, we want to remind you that our company will continue to operate uninterruptedly throughout August for imports, exports and deliveries.

See you in September!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.