SEPTEMBER 2020 // 56th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. Our flexibility is your success!

The changes that have taken place during the last six months on a personal, social and professional level in the lives of all of us, are probably more important and have more consequences than all the (already huge) changes of the last 20 years.

Especially in business, the COVID-19 pandemic required businesses to adapt, literally in no time, to a new culture and a new routine. Teleworking, teleconferencing and strict adherence to all security protocols are now on the agenda.

In this light, at OMONIA TRANS, having the necessary reflexes of adaptation in an ever-changing world imbedded in our DNA, we did not stop to provide the full range of our services to our customers and partners even at the most difficult moments.

With a clear mind, insight and care for our people and demonstrating flexibility, endurance and excellent handling of the unexpected, OMONIA TRANS has responded with absolute success to the new market conditions. And we never stop. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and we continue our transport work as smoothly as ever.

Our flexibility is your success!

OMONIA TRANS. A pioneer in safety.

At OMONIA TRANS, for 41 years, the safety of our people has been our top priority. Especially this year with the attack of the coronavirus in waves, we intensified security measures, operating with absolute responsibility towards our staff and society. Recently, our company took two more important actions.

Ιn collaboration with a private diagnostic center we carried out coronavirus tests on all staff (offices and warehouse ) and no cases were found.

In addition, we proceeded to disinfect our premises against COVID-19 with antimicrobial agents and low pressure sprayers. A team of technicians and scientists specializing in new applications against the spread of the virus undertook the project, ensuring our people can work in an even safer environment.

Germany with the signature of OMONIA TRANS!

OMONIA TRANS speaks… several languages. However, the first language we learned fluently was German. Starting 41 years ago, we created our traditional line in Germany which has now become an institution in the field of Greek transport and logistics.

With an extensive service network in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, with the most competitive transit times, imports and exports, multiple weekly groupage departures and of course the incomparable OMONIA TRANS prices, we respond perfectly to every business need in the industrial heart of Europe. 

If you have not already been doing it, do business in Germany today with the signature of OMONIA TRANS!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.