OCTOBER 2020 // 57th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. Your fashion, our passion!

OMONIA TRANS. Your fashion, our passion!

Fashion means passion! But it also means knowledge, experience and long specialization in Fashion Logistics. These are the special values of OMONIA TRANS which have brought it to the first place of preference of the most important European Fashion Brands.

With the most modern equipment, ideal storage conditions, privately owned closed type vehicles, delivery with 2 drivers, GPS for fleet monitoring and state-of-the-art technological equipment, OMONIA TRANS guarantees the timely distribution of fashion merchandise.

Our company is always ready, 24 hours a day, to meet the needs of its customers in Fashion Logistics. In fact, this year we are doubly prepared: Both for the increased needs of preparation for the holiday season and winter sale as well as for the sharp rise of online shopping due to Covid.

OMONIA TRANS. Your fashion, our passion!
Logistics - Covid: 1-0

Logistics - Covid: 1-0

2020 brought the most widespread pandemic on the planet in more than 100 years. It has changed, and continues to change, the lives of all of us on a personal, social and professional level. We know very well that nothing will be the same after Covid.

Global consumer habits, which under normal conditions would take years or even decades to alter, changed in just a few months. Online stores have multiplied and almost all companies have redefined their tactics and strategy regarding contact with their customers.

In this environment, logistics came out as winners! The transport industry, and especially the storage sector, showed not only resistance but also excellent reflexes both in the first wave of the pandemic and in the second one, during the current days.

Some problems observed during the initial lockdown were dealt with in the best way and the supply chain never “broke”, ensuring not only the uninterrupted operation of the market, but also giving significant psychological support to society and to each individual citizen.

Logistics - Covid: 1-0 (but of course, we are always alert!)

Cyprus: The line of our heart!

The heart of OMONIA TRANS beats all over Europe. But it beats even stronger when we do business in our beloved Cyprus! Specifically, our company operates in the Republic of Cyprus (free part only) with weekly departures and the most competitive prices.

OMONIA TRANS is here for whatever your needs in Cyprus may be! Groupage services, special requests, small shipments, partial deliveries, as well as Full Container Loads (FCL) are always processed on time and responsibly on behalf of our dozens of Greek and international customers.

Are you active in Cyprus?
Do business now… with the signature of OMONIA TRANS!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.