NOVEMBER 2020 // 58th Newsletter

25 fairytale gifts from OMONIA TRANS!

25 fairytale gifts from OMONIA TRANS!

On November 20, the World Children’s Day was celebrated all over the world and of course in Greece. OMONIA TRANS, always operating in a responsible and caring manner for society and children in need, could never miss this occasion. And we proved it in a fairytale way!

Specifically, OMONIA TRANS in collaboration with the company “Fairy Tale by Name” ( 25 personalized fairy tales for the 25 children hosted at the Exemplary National Nursery which operates in Kallithea, Athens. Each child saw its own name printed on the cover of the fairy tale book and starred in its own fairy tale.

We would like to thank Fairy Tale by Name for the excellent collaboration in the creation of the personalized fairy tales. We, for our part, wish to emphasize that we remain faithful to our commitment to actions of Social Responsibility which will bring a better world for all of us, and especially for children.
Lockdown Part II

Lockdown Part II

The second COVID wave took by surprise many countries worldwide, including Greece. Unfortunately for us, pandemics do not work according to our schedule and our will (note that the deadly Spanish flu of 1918 had a total of four waves in two years).

The result of the second wave was a second lockdown, at the most critical time of the year for business and transport. During this period, OMONIA TRANS, as it did during the first lockdown of spring, continues to serve its customers continuously, having also implemented teleconferencing and teleworking, to the extent it is possible for the transport sector.

We are always ready to support the market when it opens, at any time in December. We wish and hope that this happens early so that in the month when the market traditionally has the best results, lost business turnover could be covered as much as possible.

Until then, we are wearing masks, keeping distances, disinfecting and staying optimistic. Everything will turn out fine!
COVID rapid test at OMONIA TRANS

COVID rapid test at OMONIA TRANS

Our company passed all “examinations” during the first coronavirus wave in the spring and by doing so, received praise from everyone. All safety protocols were observed and all necessary precautions were taken, such as masks and gloves, daily disinfections, teleworking and rotating work shifts, etc.

We would like to also remind you that in September, a team of technicians and scientists specializing in new technologies disinfected our premises against COVID-19 with antimicrobial agents and low pressure sprayers, thus ensuring an even safer environment for our people.

But we do not stop there. Since November, OMONIA TRANS has introduced a rapid coronavirus test for its entire staff, both in our offices and in the warehouse, in order to further ensure the prevention of any positive result with immediate case isolation. Tests will be carried out every month.

OMONIA TRANS. We handle. We care… also for our people!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.