APRIL 2021 // 62nd Newsletter

3, 2, 1… Reopening!

After the extended lockdown, it seems that Greece and its market are now ready to enter the final straight of reopening - initially in a “click away” or “click inside” mode and, hopefully soon, without restrictions. The restart of the Greek economy, which at the moment resembles a compressed spring, will have challenges, but also opportunities for everyone.

In these circumstances, OMONIA TRANS will always be by the side of its clients. Whether it is their imports, their deliveries or their logistics needs, our company is the reliable partner and consultant who will help every business respond perfectly to the new situations.

Our credentials for all of the above? Both our historical course of more than 40 years, and our recent past. OMONIA TRANS passed all exams with excellent results, both during the first lockdown and last year’s opening and during the long and difficult period of the successive pandemic waves. And it will now do exactly the same.

3, 2, 1… Reopening with OMONIA TRANS!

OMONIA TRANS: Traditionally German!

At OMONIA TRANS we have a special relationship with the German market, since Germany is our most traditional and most important line. Our entrance, decades ago, into the heart of Europe’s heavy industry has helped us evolve and gain reputation. Germany has been our springboard for the whole of Europe!

Today, with warehouses in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, OMONIA TRANS is one of the largest players in the region. If you operate in Germany and Central Europe, do not waste time. Contact us and take advantage of the flexibility, speed, reliability and competitive prices that only OMONIA TRANS can offer.

Georgia Patsioti (celebrating her name day on Monday, May 3!) is waiting for you. Please, contact her either by phone at +30 210 288 2624 or by email to

Orthodox Easter: Resurrection within us… and around us!

Going through the Holy Week, we Greeks are preparing for Easter, the greatest celebration of Orthodoxy. The deep reverence that we all feel, but also the customs and traditions, make the Greek, Orthodox Easter, unique in the whole world.

Today, the message of the Crucifixion of the Savior is more relevant than ever. Understanding, mutual respect, solidarity and love in a fragile and troubled world are the only way to a better tomorrow for all of us. We shall keep these messages in our hearts, a compass in our every action.

Therefore, we will all together welcome the joyful message of the Resurrection. At the same time, with the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic being won little by little, we are now optimistic that this year’s Resurrection will begin within us and continue around us.

Happy Easter to everyone!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.