MAY 2021 // 63rd Newsletter


We handle. We care. We write!

At OMONIA TRANS we handle, we care, we serve, we provide, we protect, we safeguard, we supervise, we organize, we develop, we complete, we achieve.

And sometimes we also… write.

In this context, we responded positively, and with particular pleasure, to the invitation of the renowned Logistics News newsletter of the Hellenic Logistics Company regarding an article on the topic “Experiences (Lessons Learned), Trends and the Way Forward for the Supply Chain in the post Covid -19 season”.

Our own Konstantinos Patsiotis, Head of International Network of the company and second generation of OMONIA TRANS undertook the task, submitting his article “Α chain without a weak link”. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Konstantinos analyzed all the necessary contingency plans through real examples and mapped the future of the supply chain in the post-Covid era.

OMONIA TRANS. We handle. We care. We write. 


OMONIA TRANS. By the side of children and their needs.

For all of us at OMONIA TRANS, supporting the environment, culture, society and vulnerable groups is part of our DNA, from the first days of our company, more than 40 years ago. There is, however, one specific action that fills us with a special sense of fulfillment, perhaps more than any other: supporting children in need.

Thus, with a lot of enthusiasm and emotion, we set out to support the Social Tutoring Center for the Poor Children of the Greek city of Kalamata “FrontiZO” which is managed by the local charity organization KOSMOSepa and is now in its 11th year of operations.

As a team, both the staff and the management of OMONIA TRANS, raised a sum of money with which toys for the needy children were purchased. Puzzle games, board games and lots of other educational games will creatively engage the 75 kids hosted at the Center.

The CEO of our company Ms Fotini Giannopoulou, together with Mr Panagiotis Patsiotis, Head of Warehouse Operations, traveled to Kalamata, to deliver the toys to the Social Tutoring Center themselves. Needless to say that the children’s joy was beyond description!

OMONIA TRANS will continue, with all its might, to support similar actions. Children are the future of our world. Let’s create a better world for them!


Tourism: a bet that needs to be won for Greece.

According to all indications, the first of two big bets of this year for Greece, the fight against the coronavirus and the creation of mass immunity through extensive and successful vaccination programs seems to almost have been won. The second big bet? Tourism.

The goal of the Greek tourism industry is to reach 40 to 50% of the 2019 traffic. The entire hotel potential of the country, about 10,000 units is expected to open, with highest results anticipated for the two months of July – August. Strong traffic is also expected for September, while market sources estimate that the season will extend to November and December.

The relationship of tourism with the Greek economy and the transport and logistics sector is profound. The expected rise of tourism will also help in the recovery, of our, many times hit in the last decade, industry. So we remain optimistic and we are… rolling up our sleeves to work!

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.