JULY 2021//65th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. We‘re hiring!

The coronavirus pandemic caused huge shockwaves, both in the global and in the Greek economy. In the crisis we all experienced (and which is, unfortunately, not 100% behind us), the important goal of every company, beyond the protection of its employees’ health, was, and still is, the protection of jobs.
At OMONIA TRANS we are proud not only because we protected all our people’s jobs, but also because we actually increased them. In the last month alone, the OMONIA TRANS family has welcomed 5 new members in various posts.  And we’re not stopping here!
We believe in hard work and team spirit, we reward the passion for excellence and we always give opportunities to talented people to use their skills and evolve. All new jobs we offer are posted on our company’s site, and also on our social media.

Stay tuned!


August. The hottest month for Greek tourism.

Regarding Greek tourism, the current year is definitely the most unpredictable in many decades. Reviewing the situation, we should point out that at the beginning of the year, in the middle of lockdowns, with Covid Intensive Care Units all over the country at the limits of their capacity (and 90% full in the region of Attica) expectations were very low.
Following this, the vaccination schedule and the expected improvement in the situation with the arrival of warmer months, raised hopes. All hotel beds in the country were prepared for a “hot” summer! However, things changed again with the appearance of the Delta mutation which is galloping all over the western world, without, fortunately, so far overburdening the health systems.
At the moment, and shortly before August (traditionally the best tourist month in the country), there is restrained optimism. The “heavyweights” of the Greek tourism industry (Crete, Rhodes, Corfu) are showing satisfactory numbers and the tourism agents are sure that the final result will definitely be better than 2020, with the goal of 40% of revenues in 2019 still being feasible.

August will be hot!


Happy summer holidays!

Where will summer find you this year? On a Greek island, enjoying the sun, under the umbrella? In a picturesque village enjoying a traditional orange juice under the trees? In an enchanting, exotic destination enjoying your cocktail under the palm trees?
Wherever you go this August, OMONIA TRANS wishes you a good summer and a good vacation, with safety above all. We remind you that our company remains by your side, offering all the services you know and enjoy throughout August, without interruption.
Happy summer holidays!
See you in September

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.