OCTOBER 2021 // 67th Newsletter 

Austria. The land of waltz… and OMONIA TRANS!

It is consistently ranked among the richest states in the world, based on GDP per capita.
It is a country with a rich history and a great cultural tradition. Here is where baroque architecture flourished, and, above all, music, with the 3 giants of the so-called “First Viennese School” Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.

Today, Austria, with its key position in the heart of Europe, is a hub of transport and trade and at the same time one of the most important partners of Greece, with highly developed economic and trade relations between the two countries. Austria, of course, could not be missing from the destinations of OMONIA TRANS!

Our company covers Austria with weekly departures for imports and exports. If you are operating in the country, we will be happy to give you more information. Please contact our Sales Department at 210 28 82 600 or

Austria. The land of waltz... and OMONIA TRANS!


MEDICA 2021. The medical field trusts OMONIA TRANS.

The international medical equipment exhibition MEDICA, after taking a digital “break” in 2020, is returning again this year to its natural premises, in Düsseldorf, Germany. MEDICA has been the largest medical exhibition in the world for over 40 years and attracts many thousands of exhibitors. In addition, every year, top visitors from the fields of research, business and politics attend this top event.

Greek companies participating in MEDICA 2021, have, once again, trusted OMONIA TRANS. Specifically, our company undertook the transfer to and from the exhibition of all the stand materials of companies participating as exhibitors. The medical field trusts OMONIA TRANS!

Given the opportunity of the exhibition, let us remind you that Düsseldorf and Germany is not, of course, the only export destination of OMONIA TRANS. Our company covers all European countries with weekly departures.

Wherever you operate in Europe, you can do it with OMONIA TRANS.


The anniversary of “OXI” more relevant than ever.

The dawn of Monday, October 28, 1940, 81 years ago, finds the capital of Greece Athens waking up to the sirens of air defense, and the Greeks all over the country cheering one of the loudest messages in Greek history: the OXI (“no”) to the demands of Italy for immediate surrender of the country.

Today, 81 years later, the anniversary of “OXI”, for us Greeks is more relevant than ever. And this is both for the unparalleled bravery of a nation which did not hesitate to confront the fivefold military forces of the attacker, gaining admiration throughout the free Europe of the time, and also for the solidarity shown among the Greeks.

The epic of 1940 was one of the few cases where the Greek people, almost always split in different parties, united, and acting as one, refused to submit to the tyrannical leaders of the Axis powers. The Greeks of 1940 served what is right: truth and freedom.

And we are certain, that if necessary, they will do it again.

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.