NOVEMBER 2021 // 68th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. We handle. We care. We study!

At OMONIA TRANS, we believe that only through continuous training, education and specialization of our people in their field of work, including new technologies, we can offer you the top level of services you know and enjoy.
For this reason, the Logistics Department of our company participated in a series of digital training seminars organized by the EEL (the scientific, non-profit Organization that promotes the interests and demands of the Greek Logistics Market) in collaboration with the Mantis company on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and warehouse organizing.
The webinars, which were held over a period of 15 days, from October 25 until November 8, were a complete success. It should be noted that OMONIA TRANS cooperates with Mantis, a leading international supplier of software and WMS and logistics solutions. OMONIA TRANS is also a member of the EEL.

Germany. Obstacles in the supply chain.

A few days ago, Germany introduced a mandatory regulation for all international carrier drivers regarding the following:

• Proof of vaccine or proof of disease documentation for COVID-19 
• Alternatively, a 48-hours rapid test.

Submitting one of the above certificates is now the only way for any international carrier in German territory, regardless of nationality, to be able to load from a German supplier to any destination.

The bad news is that fleets carrying out international transports within the European Union consist mainly of drivers from countries that unfortunately have the lowest vaccination rates in Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and more).

Thus, in an already difficult period, even more delays in market supply are expected, due to both checks and reduced fleet availability.

Omonia Friday!

What started hesitantly a few years ago in our country is now an institution. This year’s Black Friday gave merchants the opportunity to excel and consumers the opportunity to win. The turnover of the Black Friday 2021 discount period in Greece (including Cyber Monday) is estimated to exceed a total of 300 million Euros with over 3 million sales.

OMONIA TRANS was, once again, a big Black Friday winner. This year, for one more time, we stood by our customers, supplying the market in time in order to support the increased needs for stock. It was a challenging task, but we pulled it off!

However, we do not stop here. OMONIA TRANS has taken all the necessary measures for the near future, extending service hours and adding additional itineraries, in order to continuously supply the market until the peak of the Christmas period.
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.