JANUARY 2022 // 69th Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. We handle. You love it!!

The New Year is already here! We wish professional success and personal joy to each of our suppliers and partners in Greece and abroad. For us at OMONIA TRANS, 2022 marks new goals and expectations, always with one thing in mind: benefit for our customers.

Since 1979 and our first line in the German market until today, which finds us with a network of 23 European countries with 375 million people, we have not stopped, even for a single day, to offer our services with diligence, passion and enthusiasm.

Extroverted, dynamic and committed to our goal of continuous development, we renew for another year our commitment to offer you the highest quality services on the market.

OMONIA TRANS. We handle. You love it!

Happy New Year to our 24 godchildren!

Everyone who reads our newsletters and announcements is well aware of the love relationship between OMONIA TRANS and the Exemplary National Nursery, which operates in Kallithea, Athens. For us, protecting, supporting and caring for these children is much more than a simple act of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is an attitude of life that fills us with strength and optimism.

Therefore, for 2022, we became “godfathers” of the Nursery again! Our company has donated 24 new pairs of shoes for the 24 children hosted at the Nursery. Our reward? 24 warm children smiles that will accompany us all year round.

The Exemplary National Nursery, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, has as its main purpose the care and hospitality of children who face serious problems in their family environment. The PEN hosts these children, gives them shelter and takes care of their reintegration into society.

The Hope that became a Nightmare

Snow for most of us means beautiful moments, smiles and snow fights for the young and the old. However, the severe storm “Hope” (the name of the cold front, which hit Greece just a week ago) has turned into a nightmare, with unprecedented snowstorms causing widespread chaos, huge damage and paralysis of the state.

As it happens on every occasion a natural disaster hits our country, right after the last day of “Hope” the search for culprits on a political, social or even… social media level began. However, once again we see the forest for the trees.

In Greece, in recent years, extreme weather phenomena tend to evolve from exceptions to the rule. The lesson for us in order to avoid the consequences of the next “Hope” (but also the next heatwave or wildfire) is one: to create a flexible special circumstances team, always alert, always meeting before the phenomenon begins.

Otherwise, during the next extreme weather condition, we will find ourselves pointing fingers again.

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.