OMONIA TRANS. Vasilopita… X2!

For a few hours last week, we left our computers, papers, warehouse and vehicles and went on to cut our company vasilopita (New Year’s Cake), always observing necessary safety measures.

The event was held in a warm, family-like, but also festive atmosphere, with Vasiliki Polychronidou from the OMONIA TRANS branch in Thessaloniki, winning the hidden coin in the cake. Congratulations Vasiliki!

However, OMONIA TRANS is more than Greece. This year, our company cut a second vasilopita, specially made for our correspondents in Europe and decorated with the flags of the European countries we serve. The hidden coin went to our partner in Bulgaria who won a two-day vacation package in Athens, in order to enjoy the famous Greek hospitality.

Many happy returns!

Warehouse. This is where our heart beats!

Our offices are our “eyes” and “ears”. Our vehicles are our “feet”.
However, our warehouse is the “heart” of OMONIA TRANS that tirelessly supplies, every day, the whole organization of our company!
All the modern Logistics services that you know and enjoy start from our warehouse.

Therefore, as we strive for continuous development and improvement of our services, we strengthened the capacity of our warehouse in Lykovrysi, Attica, by adding two additional cross – dock ramps. This means better and faster loading and unloading of our vehicles and even greater accuracy in our deliveries.

It is important to note that the OMONIA TRANS warehouses now cover 11,000 square meters (8,000 sq.m. in Athens and 3,000 sq.m. in Thessaloniki).

And there is still a lot more to come!

Mobility Package 1. Pros and cons.

The Mobility Package 1 came into force in the 27 Member States of the European Union on February 2, 2022. The package approved by the European Parliament in 2020, after years of intensive negotiations, marks a huge reform in the field of road transport in our continent.

The package includes three basic elements, which ensure better working conditions and reduce the distortion of competition: posting of drivers, hours of driver rest and better application of the rules of cabotage.

However, there is another side to the Mobility Package. According to a study by the European Commission, vehicles will now have to return to their bases more regularly, resulting in additional trips (an increase of 2%) and additional CO2 emissions of up to almost 3 million tons (an increase of 4.6%).

The bottom line is that while the Mobility Package achieves its purpose by improving the working conditions of drivers, it stresses both the cost of transport (especially from Eastern Europe carriers with limited market opportunities to and from their business centers) and the environment. 
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team. 
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