MARCH 2022 // 72nd Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS. Big in the Netherlands!

The Netherlands has historically been one of the most important destinations for OMONIA TRANS, with our company handling numerous and large accounts in the beautiful “land of the tulip”. Starting from this month, our relationship with the Netherlands is becoming more enriched and strengthened.

Specifically, OMONIA TRANS, in collaboration with one of the most award-winning and renowned Dutch transport groups with a history of more than 100 years, offers, as of March 14multiple groupage departures from the Netherlands to Athens and Thessaloniki.

This important new partnership will further strengthen the quality features of OMONIA TRANS that you know and enjoy: speed, efficiency, delivery accuracy, full 24/7 support and smart solutions out of the box.

OMONIA TRANS. Big in the Netherlands!


OMONIA TRANS. We support Hope!

At OMONIA TRANS, for more than 40 years, we have been supporting, with all our strength, several social goals as well as fellow human beings who are in need.
In this context, our company has just made a donation, deep from our heart and soul: a wheelchair for the needs of the Elpida Guest House (built by the Elpida Association of Friends of Children with Cancer).

The ELPIDA Association (“elpida” means “hope” in Greek) was founded in 1990 and since then implements a comprehensive support program for children suffering from cancer and their families. In 1999, ELPIDA built the first free Guest House for children with cancer in Greece.

The Guest House accommodates families with children who need to stay in the area of Athens for as long as their treatment lasts, which is usually accompanied by a long stay in the hospital, many months of therapies and huge expenses.
In this way, the Guest House meets a great social need.

ELPIDA will always be by the side of children with cancer and OMONIA TRANS will always be by ELPIDA’s side.

Together, we can beat cancer.


War in Ukraine. A “landmine” for global economy.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not only changed the geopolitical landscape in Europe, but is already having a huge impact on the global economy, and of course on the global supply chain. Experts believe that a huge negative shock is on the way, with increasing inflationary pressures, further weakening of growth and consequences of uncontrollable size.

Already, the United Nations is accusing Russia of causing a global food crisis, since Ukraine and Russia together accounting for 75% of world sunflower oil exports and 30% of wheat exports. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine is expected to exacerbate the major humanitarian crises around the world (Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc).

In this bleak world landscape, the developments for Greece, after a decade of crisis and insecurity and two years of pandemic, could not be worse whatsoever.

However, we remain calm, we prepare for any eventuality and we hope, together with the whole planet, that the invasion will soon end and one of the most humanitarian scenarios for the end of the war will prevail.

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.