APRIL 2022 // 72nd Newsletter

OMONIA TRANS a la Bolognese!

Bologna: a city with a history of at least three thousand years! Bologna is well known for its campuses (with the oldest university in Europe founded in 1088), famous for its towers and porticoes, but also an important crossroads in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

From today, Bologna is also something more: a city and also an area serviced by OMONIA TRANS. Our company has launched a new partnership in Italy, which serves the Bologna region. This strengthens even more our Italian line, which continues with daily departures from Milan.

For our clients operating in the area, this new partnership means a lot: faster but also more timely transfers, always with the safety, efficiency and full 24/7 support of OMONIA TRANS.

Find out about our new line at +30 210 28 82 600


Powerful in Thessaloniki!

OMONIA TRANS is much more than Athens! Our company is strategically located in northern Greece and Thessaloniki, both with our offices in the center of the Thessaloniki city (11b, Lagadas St.) as well as with our warehouse, situated at the Thessaloniki New Peripheral Road, in Oreokastro (9th kilometer).

Because of this, OMONIA TRANS is able to meet any transport and logistics needs, not only in the city of Thessaloniki, but also in the wider region of Macedonia and of course the Balkans.

In addition, with direct connections to and from major European cities and import-export routes to dozens of destinations, OMONIA TRANS is the partner you need, if you operate in any of the 23 European countries we cover.

Contact the OMONIA TRANS branch in Thessaloniki at +30 2310 556 271
and find out about our services!


Easter… like the old times!

We had missed it! Greek Easter, the most beautiful in the world, full of faith, joy, beauty and dozens of unique Easter customs in every corner of our country, was celebrated this year with the enthusiasm and splendor it deserves. After two hard and difficult years of pandemic and lockdowns, in 2022, we Greeks finally remembered again, what it means to celebrate Easter in our country.

Especially this year, the message of the Crucifixion of the Savior was and is more relevant than ever. In a world disturbed by the shadow of wars, the only way to a better tomorrow is through love, solidarity and mutual respect.

This Easter filled us with optimism and joy.

Let’s keep it inside us and let’s spread it around us!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.