MAY 2022 // 73rd Newsletter

Czechia. In the center of Europe and our interest.!

Visitors of the Czech Republic always have wonderful memories from this beautiful country. Whether it is the historic city of Prague, the jewel of the Vltava River with its major tourist attractions, the beautiful Bohemian and Moravian regions, or even the excellent Pilsner beer and famous crystals, everyone has a beautiful story to tell from Czechia.

The same applies to OMONIA TRANS customers operating in the area. Our company, which could not be absent from one of the most crucial destinations in the heart of Europe, serves the Czech line with weekly departures.

Our partners operating in the Czech Republic enjoy both our extensive network covering the most important urban centers of the country (Prague, Brno, OstravaPlzen) and the flexibility, swiftness and personal service that characterize our company from the first day.

The Czech Republic is in the center of Europe and in the center of our interest!


“12 Pebbles of Happiness”. A different experiential seminar.

Last week, the third and final part of a very special seminar was completed with great success. It was the “12 Pebbles of Happiness” by writer and educator Despina Mallidou, which via a short and comprehensive presentation, guides us through 12 habits that increase our positive energy.

OMONIA TRANS was present at the seminar, which aimed at personal empowerment and resilience. It is worth noting that our company was also a sponsor in the presentation of the same name self-improvement diary “12 Pebbles of Happiness” by Mrs. Mallidou, an exceptional work in the field of positive psychology.

At OMONIA TRANS, we firmly believe that positive psychology can help our daily lives, both in our personal and professional life.

Therefore, we support the work of Despina Mallidou and we aspire to always be ambassadors of positive psychology and Well Being.


The beginning is half of the whole. Good premier for Greek tourism!!

After more than two years, where newspaper and portals headlines were usually negative or pessimistic, it seems that there is finally some good news in the field of tourism. Recovery, which was estimated at around 80% of the 2019 season, has already been revised upwards, thanks to good performance in April and May.

In fact, especially in the South Aegean, and specifically in the four main international airports (Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes and Kos), 5% more passengers arrived in the first fortnight of May than in the corresponding period of 2019, leading to traffic not seen in three years.

Although the final count will be made at the end of the year, and while one should not forget the current factors of uncertainty (high energy costs, war, inflation), the first signs are very positive.

We hope that this dynamic tourist start will continue on the same note.
We all need it!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.