We support the vision of Anagennisi 

From 1979 until today, OMONIA TRANS has been supporting our fellow human beings, society, the environment and culture at every possible opportunity and with all its power. In this context, our company made a donation last month, which filled us with joy, hope and optimism.

In particular, our company donated electronic and household appliances (computers, printers, microwave oven) to the Association of Parents & Friends of Autistic People “Anagennisi” which is celebrating 19 years of existence and continuous action.

The Association was founded in 2003 by parents and friends of autistic children in order to ensure their equal rights in life and support their family environment. The Association offers many different services (sports and entertainment programs, creative employment club, two supported living shelters) while it aspires to acquire privately owned shelters in the next 10 years.

OMONIA TRANS will be by their side in this effort too, always supporting the vision of Anagennisi!


Greece in flames

Usually, Greek summer means relaxation, serenity, heavenly beaches and beautiful evenings. But, in recent decades, and with even more intensity in recent years, Greek summer almost always means forest fires.

In a season where nearly the whole of Europe is at the mercy of huge fires (a quadruple-sized area has already been destroyed this year in the European Union compared to the average of the previous 15 years), our country is no exception. In Greece, 33 large fires have already been documented this year, with, unfortunately, the historically most difficult month for fire protection, August, still ahead of us.

All of us at OMONIA TRANS want to congratulate and thank from the bottom of our hearts the heroes on the front line: firefighters, security forces, volunteer firefighters and all those who fight selflessly to contain the flames and save fellow humans, animals, nature but also human properties.

Together, we will overcome this adversity.


Happy summer!!

OMONIA TRANS is by your side every August, but our newsletter is not!

Since we won't be meeting by mail next month, allow us to give you our wishes now. 

Having completed a very difficult season and expecting an even harder one, we wish you the most important thing: to relief yourself from worries, recharge your batteries and let summer heal you as only summer can.

Happy Summer! See you in September!

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.