New season… with new lines!

After the necessary, for charging everyone’s batteries, August holidays, our monthly electronic newsletter is back. First of all, we would like to wish to all our clients and partners a season with many professional successes and also health on a personal level.

For us at OMONIA TRANS, the new season has brought 2 new lines! Our already extended European network is now expanding even more, with the addition of 2 neighboring countries, not far from our northern borders: Croatia and Slovakia, once members of the united Yugoslavia, and now dynamically emerging autonomous countries.

As always, our new lines are accompanied by the qualitybenefits and outstanding service of our company. They are import and export lines with weekly departures and they both feature, of course, the flexibility, speed and competitive prices that only OMONIA TRANS can offer.

Dobro jutro Hrvatska!

Dobro jutro Slovenija!


A special offer for people with special needs.

If you follow our newsletter regularly, but also if you have ever come into contact with us, on a professional or personal level, you know how much importance we attach to actions that make a difference to society and our community. Today, we are proving this for one more time!

OMONIA TRANS, with special love as always, supports the “Chara” (means “Joy”) Center for People with Special Needs, a shelter for 57 children and adults with serious mental and motor problems. Specifically, our company has donated a wheelchair with very specific characteristics to the philanthropic organization.

For this effort, we received a congratulatory letter from the President of “Chara”, Mrs. Marilena Minaidi, to whom we are grateful. It is worth noting that our joy was double as the supplier of the wheelchair was none other than our long-time partner, the specialist orthopedics company Ortholine.

“Recycle - Change Appliance” Program. A win for the citizen… and the environment!

The first phase of the “Recycle - Change Appliance” Program has been completed, with great success. The Program concerns households which wish to replace old electrical appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators or freezers) with new, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly ones.
All Greek households, regardless of income, were eligible to participate in the Program, which reached nearly one million submissions! After application of social criteria, with special care for large families and vulnerable households, 151,450 applications were finally deemed eligible.
Beneficiaries who will be notified to replace their old, energy-guzzling devices will see savings on their bills of up to 30%. This is a great gain for the people, and especially the vulnerable ones, in today's difficult living conditions, but also a great gain for the environment which can now take… “a deep breath”.
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.