MEDICA Exhibition 2022. Where there is responsibility, there is OMONIA TRANS!

The international medical equipment exhibition MEDICA opens its gates again on November 14, in Dusseldorf. The exhibition, which for more than 40 years has been firmly established on every expert’s calendar, is the largest trade medical exhibition in the world and attracts many thousands of exhibitors from more than 50 countries.

The exhibition will be attended by a significant number of Greek companies, which, as they did in 2021, trust OMONIA TRANS for the transport of their exhibits both to and from the exhibition space. From our part, we guarantee that all participants’ stand materials will arrive at MEDICA on time and in perfect condition.

We wish all Greek exhibitors an impressive performance and many new collaborations!


 OMONIA TRANS: Special care for special schools..

At OMONIA TRANS we believe that corporate social responsibility actions should be continuous, targeted and never fragmentary “fireworks”. In this context, during this month, we have put, once again, out philosophy in practice in an area where we have a special sensitivity: children with special needs.

Specifically, we responded to the request of the Panhellenic Association for the Support & Assistance of Paraplegics & Individuals with Special Needs “Iliachtida” (Sun Beam) and covered part of the needs for morning meals in the Special School of Peristeri, Athens. For this action, we received a letter of thanks from the President of the Association, Ms. Alexandra Panagiotou.

Of course, we don’t stop here. We promise that we will continue with all our strength to support both the children and all other vulnerable fellow human beings.

In today’s difficult times, our society needs it more than ever.


Europe’s heavy preparations for a heavy winter.

The energy self-sufficiency which Europeans considered to have conquered decades ago, unfortunately turned out to be an energy fallacy. For the first time, after many years, all societies and governments of Europe are on full alert to face the coming winter.

The European Commission has already presented the REPowerEU project, which concerns energy saving, clean energy production and the diversification of the European Union’s energy supply. In addition, it is noted that every citizen, business and organization can save energy, with small changes in behavior that can make a big difference, if everyone follows them.

For example, if citizens of the European Union turn down their heating in winter by 1 degree Celsius, then this will help save around 7% in energy use for a year, which is equivalent to the annual gas consumption of Austria.

As far as Greece and the Greeks are concerned, the truth is that during the last decade, in the midst of economic crises and pandemics, we have been “hardened” enough to deal with all difficult situations.

We will make it through this winter too!

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.