NOVEMBER 2022 // 78th Newsletter

Christmas at OMONIA TRANS will be mythical. Merry Mythmas!

Festive season! We love it and long for it, each one of us in his or her own way. Some of us try, in the spirit of the day, to faithfully follow our “grandma’s recipe” for honey cakes or turkey stuffed with chestnuts. Some others simply yearn for the parties with the rich table menus which, already fully occupy our minds (and sometimes… our stomachs).

However, we all realize that the moment the calendar leaf turns to “December”, we have already entered the Christmas mood with our psychology being constantly on the rise. This is exactly how we feel at OMONIA TRANS, having already made our festive preparations!

Our new, beautiful calendar is ready, as it is every year, to reach our treasured customers and partners. The Christmas tree in our offices is already decorated and is as majestic as ever. And our gifts are already wrapped, ready to go to their recipients.

Christmas at OMONIA TRANS will be mythical, and we wish you exactly the same. Merry Mythmas!


 Christmas. Plan your vacations… and your shipments!

The days for the Christmas holidays are approaching and accommodations seem to fill up one after the other. If you don’t want to search for flights, ferries, hotel rooms or Airbnb at the last minute, it’s best to start planning now.

What else should you be planning ahead of time? Your shipments! Although OMONIA TRANS scheduling will run normally, transport work may be affected by the Christmas holidays and various bans that will be in effect across Europe.

For this reason, plan your shipments well in advance, regardless of being imports or exports.

Contact us, as soon as you can to discuss about your upcoming shipments, and also to be informed personally about existing possibilities and alternatives.


Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday lead the way to Christmas

Predictions for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday had been optimistic from the start and finally came true. Almost two-thirds of Greek buyers took advantage of the days’ offers, with the sales turnover approaching and in some cases surpassing the last pre-pandemic year 2019.

In fact, the greatest demand was observed in premium products, with interest in affordable items being slightly more subdued. According to people in the market, the main reasons for the positive result were the change in psychology in the post-Covid era, the good weather and also the open shops on Sunday where in many areas the turnover was almost double than Saturday.

Moreover, the signs are that there will be a strong Christmas market as well, as figures from trade associations suggest that consumers bought not so many gifts, but other items that they needed.

Therefore, we look forward to the festive season, more optimistic than any time in the last three years!

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.