JANUARY 2023 // 79th Newsletter

2023. Let it be a year of progress and optimism for everyone.

As the holidays aftermath is fading out and the first weeks of the new year have put us back into our familiar (and intense!) professional rhythm, we take the opportunity to make some predictions and wishes for 2023, both for us and for the world we live in.

For OMONIA TRANS, every new year is an opportunity for new goals and new partnerships. Keeping the most important lessons and experiences of the past year and drawing energy from the strength of our team, we see the future with optimism for both the domestic and the international market. Don’t forget to be informed from our newsletter about our every new collaboration, social activity and many more.

Finally, on a global level, we hope that 2023 will be the year when the two most important global “thorns”, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, will end, hopefully as soon as possible.

Let 2023 be a year of progress and optimism for everyone.
Happy New Year!


 We care for both environment and society.

Is it possible to combine caring for environmental issues and our fellow human beings? At OMONIA TRANS it is possible! Let’s be more specific: as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, our company has a state-of-the-art plastic and paper compression machine.

As you may know, recycling companies offer a remunerative benefit based on the weight of paper and plastic they receive. Last year, at OMONIA TRANS we set out to offer this benefit to people in need. And we succeeded.

With the remunerative benefit of 2022, we supported the Lyrio Children’s Foundation, a unique children’s shelter, which for more than 50 years, has been offering free care, treatment and upbringing to vulnerable children who are deprived of parents. The Holy Monastery of Agia Triada in the region of Mati Attica is responsible for the operation of the Foundation.

Of course, we don’t stop there.
Our next goal is to offer the remunerative benefit of 2023!


January – February sales. The market is putting on its best clothes.

After a very good December, where the festive turnover in Greece, despite inflation and high prices, reached 4 billion Euros (a 12% increase from the previous year), the market is “putting on its best clothes” with the winter sales, which will last until February 28.

Market experts appear optimistic and state that the retail trade expects particularly high interest from consumers, throughout the first two months of the year. Let us not forget that this year’s winter sales are taking place at a time when the economy has considerably strengthened.
Moreover, it is noted that the two months of winter sales have a positive impact on inflation, reducing it by up to one point.

So the beginning has been good.
May the trend continue throughout the year!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.