MARCH 2023 //81st Newsletter

Dobro jutro Hrvatska! Good morning Slovenija!

Croatia and Slovenia: 2 countries of the former Yugoslavia that have a lot in common. They share a common border and history, a coastline on the Adriatic Sea, a similar climate and geography with mountainous regions in the interior and a Mediterranean climate on the coast, as well as culinary traditions, music and festivals.

But as of today, they have one more thing in common: both countries are now served by the new lines of OMONIA TRANS to Croatia and Slovenia. Our partners operating in the region can now enjoy both our network that covers the most important cities of the 2 countries (Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc), and the swiftness and flexibility that only OMONIA TRANS can offer.

Good morning Croatia! Good morning Slovenia!


 We support the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake

Almost two months after the February 6 earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria, the numbers demonstrate the unimaginable scale of the tragedy. The earthquake caused more than 50,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries with at least 12,000 collapsed buildings. In total, it affected over 4 million buildings and 13 million people.

The response of both the international community and our country to the enormous humanitarian crisis that arose was immediate and important. Similarly, OMONIA TRANS wasted no time in answering the call of the Hellenic Red Cross for the collection of humanitarian aid.

Our team gathered and donated durable food items such as flour, pasta, legumes, canned goods, cereals, evaporated milk, milk powder, and more. Additionally, we provided other essential supplies, including sleeping bags, blankets, and personal hygiene items. We commend the Hellenic Red Cross for its longstanding commitment to humanitarian aid, dating back to 1877.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the crisis in Turkey and Syria, and we extend our well wishes for strength, recovery, and a swift return to their homes.


Drivers wanted.

The renowned Transport Logistic exhibition that will be held in Munich from May 9 to 12 has already included in its agenda the biggest challenges facing the transport and logistics industry worldwide. In a prominent position, above inflation and the energy crisis, is the lack of drivers.

This is not coincidental. Statistics reveal a 42% increase in the shortage from 2020 to 2021, and this trend is predicted to deteriorate further. The root causes of this issue include a heightened demand for road transportation and an aging driver population, with the average age of drivers nearing 50 years.

There are available solutions on the table to tackle the issue, and it is crucial to implement them promptly. Proposed measures include public-private partneship to address driver shortages, subsidies for the training and acquisition of new drivers, and the establishment of additional, secure parking spaces.
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.