MAY 2023 // 83rd Newsletter

Transport Logistic trade fare May 9 – 12. We were there!

For four days, the heart of transport and OMONIA TRANS beat in Munich! Organized in the Bavarian capital every two years since 1978, the international trade fair for freight transport and supply chain Transport Logistic celebrated its 45th anniversary in the grandest way.
After being held online in 2021 due to the pandemic, Transport Logistic opened its doors to the public for the first time since 2019. The response was overwhelming, breaking all participation and attendance records. Naturally, our company couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.
Our presence was active and engaging. We had our management team on-site, staying informed about the latest industry trends, with a particular focus on sustainability. We had fruitful discussions with colleagues from Greece and abroad, and we established significant connections with interested companies from various countries.
Transport Logistic 2023 by numbers:
  • 127,000           Square meters of exhibition
  • 75,000             Visitors
  • 2,320               Exhibitors
  • 120                  Countries of origin of visitors
  • 67                    Countries of origin of exhibitors
  • 60%                Share of international exhibitors
  • +17%             Increase in visitors since 2019
See you in 2025!

Tulips bloomed in May!

April to May is the time when tulip connoisseurs delight in the breathtaking beauty of these popular flowers. However, when it comes to expertise not only in tulips, but also in the transport and logistics industry, nobody surpasses our Dutch partners at OMONIA TRANS!
Once again, our company dedicated its efforts to hosting our Dutch correspondents in an annual meeting that has become a cherished tradition. Our communication and interaction with our Dutch partners are characterized by intensity, continuity, and a clear set of objectives: enhancing our relationships, and fostering the growth and advancement of our joint endeavors.
We continue together! Wij gaan samen verder!

Climate neutral transport. The noble, but difficult goal.

The European Union has committed to become climate neutral by 2050. With this noble but difficult goal, the transport sector must literally be transformed. In this effort, more and more companies, both established and start-ups, have indulged in a race, looking for solutions that will lead to climate neutral transport.
Biomass fuels, such as biodiesel and bioethanol, which represent the first generation of biofuel technology, are already an alternative energy source with positive environmental effects. However, the effort does not stop there.
Prototype vehicles developing next-generation heavy-duty commercial truck technologies are already a reality. For example, well known car manufacturer has already presented, the first battery-electric vehicle with a gross weight of 26 tons ever produced.
In line with the European Union’s dedication to sustainability, the Greek Ministry of Transport has made a formal request to replace the Greek truck fleet with vehicles equipped with EURO IV technology (excluding vehicles transferred due to inheritance). Regrettably, the majority of the Greek transport market’s fleet is comprised of aging vehicles, categorized as EURO III and below. This composition suggests that achieving climate-neutral transport in Greece will be a challenging and protracted journey. Nevertheless, not impossible!

Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.