JULY 2023

Vive la France! 

How can you describe France in one paragraph? You just can’t! From its contribution to the ideals that shaped modern Western philosophy and art, with iconic figures such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Claude Monet, its architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral, to its world-renowned cuisine, and so much more, France always offers you something to discover.

What can our customers and partners discover? The new line of OMONIA TRANS for France. Just a few days after the anniversary of the Bastille Day, which is celebrated as a national holiday in France, our company adds one of its strongest links to its European transport chain.

Our partners operating in the region, as well as each of our new customers, will gain, with our new line, access to a market of 70 million people with the seventh largest GDP worldwide (2.3 billion Euros in 2022). In addition, they will also enjoy the service, immediacy and flexibility that only OMONIA TRANS can offer.

Vive la France! Vive la OMONIA TRANS!

OMONIA TRANS… alla Bolognese!

Meetings with our correspondents: a habit that is now becoming an institution. After our Dutch partners in May, and our Slovak correspondents in June, this month OMONIA TRANS had the honor to welcome its Italian correspondents from Bologna.
Bologna means 38 km of sheltered walkways (portici) in its historic center. It also means Europe’s oldest university (since 1088) and of course it means major trade fairs and a crossroads of road and rail routes.
In this context, the effort we make together with our Italian correspondents for the development and evolution of our common lines is continuous. Setting goals, developing strategies for the future and creating new actions that keep us at the top of choices in the Bologna region is a never-ending process.
Bologna, benvenuto!

Drivers’ driving and rest hours come into force

4 months after its publication in the Official Government Gazette of Greece, the decision on driver driving and rest hours and tachograph control is now operational. Regarding violations of the above, there are four degrees of seriousness:
  • Minor Offense
  • Serious Offense
  • Very Serious Offense
  • Particularly Serious Offense
It is further noted that during the inspection, the driver and the owner must cooperate with the inspection bodies by providing access to the vehicle or the business premises.
The aim of the new measures is, of course, to improve safe driving for both trucks and other vehicles. OMONIA TRANS agrees and applauds.

Happy Holidays! 

We remind our customers and partners once again that OMONIA TRANS will remain open throughout August to serve its clientele. Happy holidays to everyone and see you in September with our next newsletter!
Kind regards, OMONIA TRANS team.